- A Lightweight Java Middleware

What's new?

Version 1.5.1

of June 10, 2006 has these improvements:

Version 1.5

of April 12, 2006 was mainly a technical update:

Version 1.3.1

of Feb 21, 2006 had these changes:

Version 1.3

of Feb 16, 2006 had the following improvements:

Version 1.2

of Jan 20, 2006 has been the first release of OCSelot.

Why 1.2 instead of 1.0? That's because OCSelot grew out of a forerunner developed early in 2004, a simple, handcrafted "system" that used an individual class for every method to be called from remote and instances of the classes to carry the method parameters.

This quick hack helped overcome some trouble with CORBA setup, in a web application that needed to transfer sound data captured in an applet to a servlet. After an incubation time of more than two years, this seed led to OCSelot.