- A Lightweight Java Middleware


Sorry, at present, OCSelot can not be licensed online. If you're interested in getting a license, please get in touch with me.

Note: Before you order a license, please read the License Agreement below. Installation and use of OCSelot require your agreement with its terms and conditions.


To install the full version, extract the zip archive in a directory of your choice.

Apart from the files "license-agreement.txt", "license.txt" and "readme.txt", this will create two subdirectories:
"javadoc/" with the API-documentation, and
"lib/" with the three JAR files "ocs.jar", "ocs-tools.jar", and "ocs-examples.jar".

"ocs.jar" is the runtime archive,
"ocs-tools.jar" contains tools to generate code for class proxies and interfaces,
"ocs-examples.jar" contains the examples in both source and byte code format.

See the examples on how to run the demos.

License agreement

Last modified June 4, 2006