- A Lightweight Java Middleware


Note: Before you download the evaluation version, make sure to read the License Agreement below. By downloading the OCSelot evaluation archive you express your agreement with its terms and conditions.

Download ocselot-eval.zip (190 KB).


The evaluation version has this single limitation: if client and server are distributed over separate machines, the server will terminate operations after "some time".

Apart from this, the evaluation version is fully functional and equipped with the same tools as the licensed version so that you can design, implement, and test OCSelot distributed systems. To go into production, you will need the licensed version.


To install the evaluation version, extract the downloaded zip archive in a directory of your choice.

Apart from the files "license-agreement.txt" and "readme.txt", this will create two subdirectories:
"javadoc/" with the API-documentation, and
"lib/" with the three JAR files "ocs.jar", "ocs-tools.jar", and "ocs-examples.jar".

"ocs.jar" is the runtime archive,
"ocs-tools.jar" contains tools to generate code for class proxies and interfaces,
"ocs-examples.jar" contains the examples in both source and byte code format.

See the examples on how to run the demos.

License agreement

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Last modified Jun 23, 2006